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Chris Doney

RSBS Celebrity Profile


Date of Birth: 28/10/1987

Star sign: Scorpio

Greatest achievement so far?

Becoming British Champion in the 2005 Auto Cycle Union’s Bike Trial UK Championship, on a 26” Revel Trials Bike. I did it by winning the British round of the World Championships.

What is keeping you busy this year?

Running and riding in the Zero Gravity Freestyle Trials Show. This year we have attended 28 motorcycle, car and truck shows, steam fairs and the TT races at the Isle of Man. My next show will be the Flame and Thunder event on 1st November at Santa Pod.

Favourite meal at the end of a great day?

Gammon, eggs and chips.

If you had more time to yourself, what hobby would you enjoy more of?

I would love to have more time to be able to get my moto trials bike out other than at shows. Also I’d love to have more time to ride some enduros.

What would be your dream bike?

Toni Bou’s Factory Montessa Honda Trials bike. (Tony Bou is the current Motorcycle Trials World Champion).

What really makes you smile?

Getting to do something I love every day, and also getting a new trick right after a day of getting it wrong.

Worst pet hate?

Riding a bike that’s not been prepped correctly.

Any phobias?

Not a big fan of spiders.

What is the best bit of advice you could give to bikers on the road?

Always wear the correct safety equipment and keep the racing on the track.