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Josh Daley – New Ambassador

Josh Daley

Date of Birth: 10th August 1996

Star Sign: Leo

Greatest Achievement so far? 
2007 British Minimoto Champion and Youngest ever double Aintree Champion and double North West ACU Champion

What’s keeping you busy this year? 

Training, Racing, School, Exams and time with my girlfriend

Favourite meal at the end of a great day? 
Donner Kebab

What’s your favourite hobby? 
Racing and Rugby

What would be your dream bike?
Kevin Schwantz Suzuki RGV 500 (1993) The days of proper racing where there was no traction control and other electronics

What really makes you smile? 
The satisfaction of success

Worst pet hate?

  • When there’s a perfectly flat piece of paper on a table, and you lean forward to get something, and it bends the corner of the page.
  • When somebody opens a packet of crisps upside down.

Any phobias?
Jelly, Lemon Meringue

What is the best bike of advice you could give to bikers on the road?

  • Wear the correct safety clothing, you only have one body, so protect it.
  • Treat everybody as though they haven’t seen you so you are well aware of it if they haven’t, but most of all, have fun safely.

We as parents are happy for Josh to be an ambassador for the RideSafe BackSafe initiative and would suggest parents think of lessons for their children before letting them loose on the road.

Website:- www.joshdaleyracing.com

Twitter:- @joshdaleyracing