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Steve Berry

Steve Berry is probably best known as a BBC Top Gear presenter and frequently enthused about bikes in a way that Jeremy Clarkson just wouldn’t understand! He has also worked on Radio Five Live, written several motoring and motorcycling books and probably ridden more bikes from 50cc to 2300cc than anyone else. Steve currently presents the Breakfast Show for Rock Radio and writes for The Sunday Times.

We asked Steve to tell us a bit more about himself . . .

Name: Steve Berry

Date of Birth: 30th May 1964

Star sign: Gemini

Greatest achievement so far?
Three kids

What is keeping you busy this year?
Breakfast Show on 106.1 Rock Radio – Manchester’s first classic rock station

Favourite meal at the end of a great day?

If you had more time to yourself, what hobby would you enjoy more of?

What would be your dream bike? 
God’s Harley

What really makes you smile?
Les Dawson’s piano playing

Worst pet hate?

Any phobias?
I’m afraid of heights and death but they’re rational fears and don’t therefore qualify as phobias

What is the best bit of advice you could give to bikers on the road?
Always assume the worst from other road users

Thank you, Steve.

Steve Berry