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Commuter riding is on the increase as more and more people are using motorcycles to save money and to get from A to B quicker.  Motorcyclists are more vulnerable to injury than other road user groups.  We want you to enjoy the ride and stay safe.  We employ a variety of methods to educating all user groups to think bike and look at for motorcyclists but the first and best line of defence is to protect yourself!  Skills are key!  This guide is an introduction to the things you need to think about when riding in an urban environment and includes information on

Wearing the right clothing

Riding defensively

Speed and control

Key skills

Things to remember

Once you have gone through these pages remember you can sign up for  Geared and Go or the  RSBS / IAM taster session or look at getting some extra lessons.  Honing your skills is of paramount importance to keeping you safe of the roads!