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Geared & Go – Young Riders

Geared & Go
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More motorcycle crashes are the fault of other road users not the rider.  So, as a young rider (even if you know what you’re doing) wearing inappropriate clothing will mean that in a crash you more likely to suffer serious injuries.

When riding please think about a few things:-

  • Always make sure your helmet is correctly fastened and is the correct size for you. If you don’t fasten your helmet and you do come off, your helmet will come off and you are likely to suffer serious head injuries. – It only takes 30 seconds to fasten your helmet.
  • Make sure you know where your helmet has been and how its been looked after. Helmets bought second hand, could have been dropped or mistreated but still look as good as new. You can pick up a new helmet at a reasonable cost, so buy new and ensure your helmet has the BSI kite mark (BSI 6658-1985) or UN ECE 22.05 mark on the helmet or strap.
  • Wear a decent pair of gloves and a substantial pair of boots. Your hands or your feet are likely to be the first things that touch the ground if you crash – without protection you could suffer broken bones or worse.
  • A fly hitting your hand at 30 miles per hour feels like a stone has hit it.
  • You should never ride in trainers – they will disintegrate in seconds if you come off. A pair of Timberland style boots will at least give you better protection and support for your ankles than ordinary shoes. But remember, if you are wearing footwear with laces ensure they are tied securely and that they don’t hang loosely as they can get caught up in the bike.
  • You probably aren’t going to want to buy a full set of leathers, but there are some jeans and combat trouser out there with Kevlar lining and inserts for body armour. They offer excellent protection against road rash and can be worn all day. They are also warm in winter and cool in summer. Your mates won’t even know you are wearing ‘safe pants’!. If these aren’t your thing then look for some textile motorbike gear, which is tough, waterproof and breathable. This type of kit comes in a wide range of colours, designs and prices.

Remember – At 30 miles an hour it will take on average 3 seconds for skin to wear down to the bone!
Jeans or track-suit trousers will give less than a seconds protection!