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First Date DVD

Free ‘First Date’ DVD for young riders

Ever heard the term ‘willy-wig’? it means “Where You Look Is Where You Go”. A Biker should look at where he needs to go, not at what he needs to avoid . . . Stare at a fast approaching hedge and there is a good chance that is exactly where you will end up. Look across and around a bend and your bike control should follow your line of vision.

We think that the same principle applies to self improvement. If you are keen to learn when you get your first scooter, moped or learner bike, you will become a competent and safer rider.

The new ‘First Date’ DVD is free and provides you with a wealth of information, hints and tips about being a smarter, safer rider. Request your DVD now >>  Please note priority will be given to Lancashire and Greater Manchester residents.

The DVD takes a story of young love and romance and compares the pitfalls and mistakes often made on a first date with those made by young and inexperienced bikers on the road. Okay, this might sound a bit soppy, but if we talked down to young riders with a patronising tone they would switch off and miss out on some sound advice. The ‘First Date’ DVD explains the rules of dating and biking in a way that doesn’t patronise or shock the viewer. Other features include advice about;

1. Routes to your licence,

2. Taking your Compulsory Basic training (CBT),

3. Legal requirements,

4. Protective clothing and

5. Basic bike maintenance.

We have also added extracts from the Highways Agency’s own “Great Roads, Great Rides” DVD and an interactive quiz for a bit of fun. Here at RideSafe BackSafe, we know that young riders are not always to blame; other road users are often at fault for the collisions that cause injuries and death. Help yourself to see the dangers coming by requesting your free DVD.