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Great Roads Great Rides 2

Great Roads Great Rides 2
DVD takes bikers out to read the clues the road can give…

Great Roads Great Rides 2 is a brand new interactive DVD, developed by the Highways Agency, to help riders ‘read the road’ successfully and stay safe while enjoying their biking experience.

With clever filming techniques, using helicopter views and cameras, the package puts the viewer on the bike, inside the helmet and close to the road, and features a 14-minute ride-out from motorway on to urban and countryside roads giving you an invaluable view of the road and helping you to sharpen up your observation skills and riding techniques.

The second interactive section includes an interactive challenge, the ride-out section freezes at specific points so you have a go at identifying the clues that you would use when reading the road ahead, scoring points as you get the clues right. There’s also an option to display useful hints and tips throughout the journey.

Stuart Lovatt, Safety Action Plan Co-ordinator for the Highways Agency, said: “We were delighted with the response to the original ‘Great Roads, Great Rides’ DVD, with 600,000 copies distributed since its first release in 2006. When we were planning ‘Great Roads Great Rides 2’, we wanted to build on that success and listened to what the riders themselves said they wanted. They highlighted ‘reading the road’ as the area they were keen to know more about and that is what we have delivered.”

Request a copy of the new interactive DVD by contacting the RideSafe BackSafe Team. Please note priority will be given to North West  residents.

Have you seen the DVD and had a go at the interactive section? Let us know what you think!