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Forcefield Back Protector – Absorbing the energy

RideSafe BackSafe recommends the use of a full, CE Approved back protector, at all times when you are riding. So we asked for the latest advice from Stuart Long, Marketing Manager at Forcefield Body Armour.

It has become accepted wisdom that body armour should be soft and not hard. Crumple zones in modern cars make the car ‘softer’ to ensure that the energy of an impact is absorbed or dissipated far more efficiently and the same logic applies to body armour.

Forcefield Back Protector

Though efficient energy absorbing properties are important, they are only part of the equation when it comes to choosing and using body armour. How the armour fits you personally, is of equal importance. If it doesn’t fit well, you are less likely to use it and it is of no use to you at all. If you wear badly fitting body armour, this can distract you from a safe ride – on road or track. Always try before you buy and try it exactly as you would use it out in the real world – under your regular riding kit and even sat on your own bike. It sounds obvious but all of these things can affect performance, fit, feel and your inclination to wear it. Body armour should be worn as close to the skin as possible to stop it moving around and it should also cover as much of the vulnerable areas as is comfortable. A competent, trained sales assistant should take the time to help you.

How far to go when choosing the amount and type of body armour is down to individual choice and budget, but aim for spending as much as you can afford to maximise useable protection. Forcefield Body Armour recommends that you wear a back protector at all times. There are two types;- the better option is to invest in a full sized, integral back protector as this offers the best, dedicated fit. For those who feel uncomfortable wearing a full back protector, upgrade inserts that replace existing non protective foam pads should at least offer improved protection.

Always ensure that you buy ‘CE approved’ armour with a guaranteed level of performance.

The R&D team at Forcefield Body Armour® have worked hard to ensure the most up to date materials are used to create soft body armour that offers efficient energy absorption and is comfortable to wear on every ride. The Forcefield Pro Sub 4 back protector is the highest rated back protector currently available on the market and has been recognised as creating a new bench mark in body protection by winning the much acclaimed ‘MCN Product of the Year’ .”

Thanks, Stuart.

For more information about Forcefield, go to www.forcefieldbodyarmour.com

Forcefield Body Armour