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New two-part motorcycle test announced

Learner RiderThe practical test for learner riders in a new modular format, was finally announced by Jim Fitzpatrick MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State Department for Transport, on 29 January 2009. The three key points are:

  • The new motorcycle test will be split into two parts
  • An increased number of test centres will be available
  • Testing will commence on Monday 27 April 2009.

There has been press interest over the last few months about the number of motorcycle testing locations.

A key decision is that the practical motorcycling test will be split into two modules.

Module 1 – a specified off road manoeuvres test

Module 2 – a road riding test

This ‘modular’ approach will allow the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) to increase the number of locations through which the new test will be available. It is planned that on launch day, it will be possible to take Module 1 at up to 65 locations and Module 2 at up to 105 locations nationwide, together with 30 occasional test centres in Scotland.

This will mean that about 88% of candidates should be able to reach a test centre for Module 1 within 45 minutes and 97% for Module 2.

A full list of these locations and maps showing the areas covered by the test centres can be found on the DSA website – www.dsa.gov.uk

Other things you should know . . .

  • Candidates must pass Module 1 before taking Module 2.
  • Candidates must complete both Modules within 2 years of passing the relevant theory test.
  • If either Module is failed, candidates must wait for a minimum of 3 clear working days before re-taking Module 1, and 10 clear working days before re-taking Module 2.
  • The current £80.00 motorcycling test fee will be split so that £10.00 covers Module 1 and £70.00 covers Module 2.
  • From 5th October 2009, the combined fee for the practical motorcycling test will increase by about 13% to £90.50. (£15.50 for Module 1 and £75.00 for Module 2).

For general enquiries about the new motorcycle test and test locations, you can contact – motorcycle.test@dsa.gsi.gov.uk

Full information about the changes and up to date booking information can be found on the DSA website: http://www.dsa.gov.uk/