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Sorry mate,I didn’t see you…


This is a comment recorded on many accident reports by the driver of a vehicle that has just collided with a motorcyclist. Take a look at most bikers and you will certainly notice the array of different colours from sharp graphics on the bike, to race replica leathers and multi coloured helmets. But there is a significant difference between bright colours and high visibility. Bering have just launched a dedicated range of hi-vis motorcycle clothing for 2009. Coincidentally, as the nights lengthen, now really is the time to think about how well you can be seen on the roads. The following information is an extract from a product release that Bering have very kindly allowed us to reproduce . . . just to get you thinking.


Motorists are generally incapable of seeing anything less substantial than a white van, so motorcyclists need to make sure they give themselves the best possible chance of staying out of danger by wearing reflective or fluorescent clothing. Thankfully, the Sam Browne belt can be a thing of the past, now that BERING have brought high visibility clothing in to the 21st century – and it’s stylish.

BERING is the first manufacturer to present the latest in high-quality, high visibility, functional clothing for bikers, scooter riders and commuters.

BERING is dedicated to providing you with the most current clothing and accessories to maintain safe motorcycling. We know that your gear needs to fit well and move with you as you ride, so our clothing is lightweight, flexible and brilliantly reflective. Our high visibility unisex motorcycle clothing collection is made to last, using the most durable, reflective fabrics available on the market.

For more information please visit a reputable dealer.

BERING TEMPO 3in1 jacket  RRP £183.00

Bearing Tempo 3 in 1 Jacket

BERING TEMPO KEY FEATURES: The TEMPO is full of technological advantages, everything necessary for wearing all year round, whatever the weather. It is adaptable for cold winter weather, mid season showers and vented for summer heat. Just adapt the lining/vents to suit!


Bearing High Visibility Waterproof Membrane

BERING FLUORESCENT WATERPROOF MEMBRANE KEY FEATURES: 100% waterproof hard-wearing POLYESTER®, high visibility fluorescent material with Scotchlite reflective material incorporated for added visibility.


Bearing High Visibility Vest

BERING HIGH VISIBILITY VEST KEY FEATURES: hard-wearing POLYESTER®, waist adjustment Velcro® tabs allow customized fit, high visibility fluorescent material and Scotchlite reflective material incorporated for added visibility.