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Routes to licence

What can you ride?

Learning to ride

When you are learning to ride a motorcycle or moped you will need to have the right licence.  If you are using your own vehicle you will need to make sure that it has

A valid V5C registration certificate or (log book)

Is taxed

Has an MOT (if needed)

You will also need to have Insurance

Age requirements in a snap shot

  • 16+ CBT (Compulsory Basic Training Certificate)
  • 17+ A1 Licence allowing a full licence up to a 125cc
  • 19+ A2 Restricted Licence allowing a full licence up to any size of motorcycle but not exceeding 35w/46.6bhp (brake horse power)
  • 24+ A (Direct Access) licence allowing a full licence for any motorcycle

The A2 licence does not automatically upgrade to a full licence after two years.  Instead people have to take a test or (training) to upgrade to the new licence after two years.   At present people have to take both module 1 and 2 of the motorcycle tests again on the next size up motorbike.

In More Depth…

Provision riders must have a valid CBT (Compulsory Basic Training Certificate.  You have two years to then pass the theory and practical test otherwise you will have to start the whole thing again and do another CBT.

There are a different range of bikes that you can ride depending on your age and what stage of licence you are at.

Licence Types of vehicles you can ride At what age can you ride these What do you have to do to get a licence
AM Mopeds with a speed of 25km per hour to 45km per hour 16 CBT (Compulsory basic training).  Theory test, practical test on a 2 wheeled mopeAMd
AM Small 3 wheelers (up to 50CC and below 4kW) 16 CBT, theory test and practical test
AM Light quad-bicycles (that weigh under 350kg and have a top speed of 45km per hour 16 Compulsory basic training, theory and practical test
Q This is generally the same as AM plus 2 or  3 wheeled mopeds with a top speed of 25km per hour 16 Granted with the AM
A1 Small motorbikes up to 11kW (and a power to weight ration of no more than 0.1kW per kg) and 125cc 17 CBT, theory and practical test
A1 Tricycles with a power output of no more than 15kW 17 CBT theory and practical test.
A2 Medium Motorbikes up to 35kW 9and a power to weight ratio of no more than 0.2kW per Kg), the bike must not be derived from vehicle more than twice its power 19 Direct Access – theory and practical; staged access – 2 years experience on A1 motorcycle licence and a further practical test
A Motorbike of unlimited size and / or power, with or without a side-car; and tricycles with a power output over 15kW 24 Direct access – CBT theory and practical (you must be 24 years of age or over); Staged access route – held an A2 Licence for a minimum period of 2 years – and completed practical test (age 21 or over)